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Global Solutions Financial Group  is a National Homeowner Membership Organization dedicated in assisting and empowering homeowners about foreclosure laws to protect their home and their rights.  

We help our members in mortgage negotiations and consultation.  We also provide credit counseling, asset protections, financial and estate planning.  Our company was founded with the mission to provide information and assistance to homeowners facing foreclosure. It  is backed by 12  years of foreclosure assistance experience. Consultants are available by phone and email. If mitigation is an option, our financial consultants can help, through their existing relationships with most lenders,

We can propose a solution and negotiate with the lender on your behalf, usually within two weeks. Whether you want to save your home, or give up your home without going through the foreclosure process, our consultants will work hard and fast to get a solution you deserve.

Anyone can suffer through a personal tragedy, sudden loss of income, or experience health issues. Our goal is not just to help you keep your home, but establish complete peace of mind, so you can get back to an improved quality of life. We’re very confident in the abilities of our trained personnel.  If you have a problem we have a solution.